About MZS

MZS Gereedschap and MZS Slijpservice are part of MZS BV. An important part of our company is the grinding and production of cutting tools in carbide and HSS. We also supply almost all electronic and non-electronic tools. You can order these via our webshop www.mzs Gereedschap.nl .

Grinding service – CNC Grinding Technology

MZS Slijpservice has a special tool grinding shop for grinding and producing cutting tools in tungsten carbide and HSS.

If you would like to offer tools at MZS Slijpservice, please contact us by phone or e-mail . Delivery times are determined in mutual consultation. In any case, you can be sure that delivery times will be met.

What exactly do we do?

We sharpen hm / hss circular saws, routers, routers, drills, planer chisels, band saws, machine knives, paper knives, etc. etc. for the wood, metal and plastic processing industry.

We supply all the tools mentioned above and also change-blade tools for the production of windows, doors and frames and (exchange-blade) tools for CNC machining centers, including all clamping tools. We also supply Force, Weber tools, Silverline, JHV, Scheer, Makita, Guhdo, Quwoto, Lamello, and Metabo tools for the lowest price.

Visiting address (by appointment only)
Satellite orbit 1023-03

2181MG Hillegom

Mailing address

Lakeside 16

2181NJ Hillegom

Other information:
Mobile : 06-11297155
E-mail : info@mzs Gereedschap.nl
Chamber of Commerce number: 59330775
VAT number: NL 8061.65.078.B.01
IBAN : NL 32 RABO 0140649964