Automaxx® werkbankklem 83mm incl. Bodemplaat

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Create a versatile 360° benchtop clamping station. 



The Bench Clamp System combines a versatile 3" Bench Clamp with an anodized-aluminum Clamp Plate to create a 360° clamping station that can be recessed into just about any wood surface, such as a workbench, sawhorse, or worktable. The plate gets recessed into the surface. That way, the clamp can be removed—by sliding it out of the keyhole slot in plate—and the plate won't interfere with a flat work surface.



Thanks to Automaxx® Auto-Adjust Technology, the Bench Clamp adjusts to match material thickness automatically with a simple squeeze of the handles—whether the material is thick, thin, or in between. The clamp allows easy regulation of clamping pressure with a simple thumbscrew.



Technical Specifications


    • Clamping Setup 360° benchtop clamping station with auto-adjusting technology

      Can be used on the go or mounted to a work surface​


    • Clamping Capacity Materials up to 3 3/4" thick (95mm)


    • Reach 3" (76mm)


    • Adjustment Knob Provides easy-to-regulate lamping pressure


    • Clamp Body Highly-durable, all-metal construction


    • Handles Ergonomic padded grips to prevent hand fatigue






    • (1) Bench Clamp with 3" (76mm) reach


    • (1) aluminum Clamp Plate


  • mounting hardware