Kreg® Superzaagset

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Product information "Kreg® Accu-Cut XL, Square Cut & MultiMark Set - PROMO"


Make Cutting and Measuring easy!



KREG® Square-Cut


The Square-Cut™ allows you to quickly and accurately crosscut boards up to 12" (305mm) wide. Whether you’re using a circular saw or a jigsaw, the Square-Cut™ ensures great results. Just position the Square-Cut™ against the edge of your board and the built-in guide arm ensures that it sits perfectly square.



KREG® Accu-Cut



The Accu-Cut™ guides your circular saw along an aluminum track that keeps the saw moving in a straight line easily. The Accu-Cut™ design makes it simple to set up by just aligning the track with your cut line. No clamps are required to hold the track in place thanks to dual guide strips. They feature an anti-slip coating to prevent slipping, and an anti-chip feature to prevent splintered cuts. Plus, the track makes it easy to make straight cuts on sheets that don't have a straight, flat edge.


KREG® Multi-Mark



The Multi-Mark™ is an incredibly handy multi-purpose marking and measuring tool, perfect for a wide variety of household and jobsite applications. The Multi-Mark™ features three different scale configurations, a built-in level, a 5mm (3/16") reveal gauge, and much more. Whether you need to transfer a measurement, lay out mitered corners, or align and straighten project parts, the Multi-Mark™ is the only tool you’ll need to get the job done.





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