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Take the guesswork out of cutting wood to length.



Take the guesswork—and your tape measure and pencil—out of cutting wood to length. Our Precision Trak and Stop Kit allows you to turn a miter saw into a precise cutting system. Simply position the stop at the dimensions you'd like to cut using the precision lens cursor, place the board against the stop, and cut to that exact length every time. You build the support wings out of plywood (or another sheet material), and then add the Trak. Outfitting your saw to cut perfectly-sized workpieces couldn’t be simpler!



Perfect for a Variety of Applications



The most common setup for the Precision Trak & Stop Kit is with a miter saw, but many woodworkers find it handy to add to their radial arm saw or drill press. No matter where you use the Precision Trak & Stop Kit, you’ll find it much faster and accurate than any other wood-cutting method.



Production Stop



Designed to stand up to the rigors of repetitive cuts in an industrial environment, the Production Stop drops onto the top of the fence and features dual lens cursors for convenient use on either side of the blade.



Swing Stop



The Swing Stop gives you a precise measurement when you need it and swings out of the way when you don’t Simply push a board into the curved face of the stop to push it temporarily up out of the way, or swing the stop up. Like the Production Stop, it features a Precision Lens Cursor for fast, pinpoint positioning.



Shop-Made Support Wings



Build a simple plywood or MDF box to match the height of your saw, and then add a back fence that reaches 57mm above the saw table for the stops to glide upon. Instructions and mounting hardware for the Trak are included.



Rigid Aluminum Fence



Incredibly strong and built-to-last, our anodized-aluminum Trak features an L-shaped base that makes alignment and mounting to any 3/4" (19mm) thick board a snap. The Trak has a groove along the top to accept the included self-adhesive measuring tapes. The Trak is split into four 2' (610mm) long sections, giving you setup options: 4' (1219mm) on each side of the saw, 2' (610mm) on one side and 6’ (1829mm) on the other, or all 8' (2438mm) on one side.


Technical Description


    • Fence Aircraft-grade aluminum


    • Finish Anodized for easy clean-up


    • Cutting Capacity 2438mm minimum


    • Length (4) 610mm sections for total 2438mm of Trak length


    • Measuring Tape (1) 12' (3658mm) left-to-right reading

      (1) 12' (3658mm) right-to-left reading





    • (4) 610mm pieces of Top Trak


    • (1) Swing Stop


    • (1) Production Stop


    • (1) 3657mm L-to-R reading self-adhesive tape


    • (1) 3657mm R-to-L reading self-adhesive tape


  • owner´s manual